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Canine Assistance for the Disabled

In the UK alone there are several thousand disabled people who rely on an Assistance Dog to help them with their every day needs. The tasks that an Assistance Dog will do will vary depending upon the needs of the handler. Many Assistance Dogs will help with dressing and undressing, help with the laundry, pick up dropped items and retrieve items. Many will open and close doors, carry small items and even pass debit cards to the cashier – the list is endless. Assistance Dogs are trained to accomplish many tasks, but it isn’t all work they play too; they are still dogs and they still need their regular exercise, love and affection and a healthy diet.

For many of us, the word work conjures up uneasy or unpleasant feelings. Assistance Dogs are more than happy and willing to fulfil their role, they enjoy their tasks and reap the rewards as they are always trained with positive reinforcement; and if you have ever seen an Assistance Dog at work, you would have seen how pleased they are to be of service. Assistance Dogs play a vital role in the life of their handler, and some even save lives.

When out, please don’t distract Assistance Dogs, they need to remain focused on their handler in order to fulfil the role they are trained to do. If you do wish to pet an Assistance Dog, please ask first, and if the answer is no, please understand this isn’t a rejection of you personally, but due to the need to keep the dog calm and focused on the handler.

For those who are not familiar with Assistance Dogs and the role they play, please watch the short videos below.


Disability Isn’t About What You Can’t Do
~ It’s About Living Your Life Differently ~